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Pipes are as diverse as people, ranging in material from wood to metal to ceramic to glass. Whether you're looking for something small and discrete, scientific and elaborate, an affordable every-day piece, or a flashy piece of functional art, we have a huge selection to browse.




Vaporizing releases active ingredients without actually combusting them. Since vaporizers don't create smoke, it reduces the opportunity for toxic chemicals to be inhaled. Due to  the health benefits, integrated technology, and sleek cool designs, many are trading smoke for vaporization, and we can see why.




The smokewares world has always been full of beautiful, fun, and innovative accessories. From basics like papers, lighters, incense, and grinders; to cool new glass-on-glass attachments for water pipes and rigs, silicone storage and dab pads, and tools for all variety of concentrates. However advanced or old-school your smoking style, we have the wares you need.