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Welcome to the paperless revolution. The Twisty™ Glass mini features 5 chambers that holds up to .5 grams. You can now easily go through the day and enjoy long gentle pulls for you and friends. Simply pack, twist, and medicate. The Twisty™ removes paper entirely from the process. The patented Twisty™ design features an infini-cherry that minimizes the need to re-light. Can’t finish the .5 gram or want to save the rest for later? Simply put the caps on and store for a later session. The innovative cool-pull technology allows for a 30% cooler hit giving fresh smooth feeling as you use. Best of all, the Twisty™ is water-pipe adaptable!

Eliminates Need for Paper: The Twisty's glass design removes the need for rolling papers, offering a more sustainable smoking option.

Portability: The Twisty™ Glass Mini offers extreme portability with its smaller design, holding up to .5 grams across five chambers for fresh hits all day, and a 50% smaller cherry for gentler, more manageable tokes.

Safe Materials: Made with heat-resistant Pyrex glass and lead-free components, ensuring a safe and clean experience.

Patented Mechanism: The unique twisting action makes for efficient loading and ash ejection, enhancing the overall smoking experience.

Consistent Flavor: The Twisty's design ensures a consistent, smooth draw, optimizing flavor and reducing harshness.

7Pipe Twisty Glass Mini

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