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Introducing the LilBear UV Chillum, a beautifully crafted smoking accessory that is sure to be a conversation starter. Each piece is meticulously handmade by the talented artisans at Lil Bear Glass, ensuring a unique and high-quality product. Measuring at 3.25" long, this chillum features an eye-catching design of skulls hugging the bowl, adding an edgy and unique touch to your smoking experience. What sets this chillum apart is its UV reactivity, which means it will light up and glow under UV light, adding an extra element of fun and intrigue to your smoking sessions. Whether you're a collector or simply looking for a standout piece to add to your smoking arsenal, the LilBear UV Chillum is a must-have for any smoking enthusiast.

LilBear Illuminati UV Skull Chillum

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