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This striking ebony MD Noir Dab Box for Dabs & Concentrates is a superior device that powerfully delivers the full flavor of your favorite extracts instantly! Easy set up & simple clean up.


It's crafted from solid maple hardwood & infused with non-toxic India Ink for a sleek & stylish look. Features a replaceable stainless steel screen, so you can restore your Box to its original functionality with a Replaceable Screen.


The MD Noir Dab Box features a shiny brass-lined bowl & is topped with brass fittings & a stylish, optical-grade magnification lens. It also includes a medical-grade silicone tube Drawing Whip with brass tips to cool your draw.


• One (1) MD BOX® for Concentrates
• Two (2) AA Rechargeable Batteries
• One (1) 2-Port AA Battery Charger (for your Country)
• One (1) Draw Whip - 18 inch with brass tips
• One (1) Solid Brass Loading Spoon

Magic Flight Muad Dib

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