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The Comet portable e-nail was designed to deliver big hits on the go! This mini electric dab rig is handheld and makes taking potent dabs easier than ever. This is a full kit that includes everything you need, and doesn’t require a torch!

The Comet has great battery life with the 1200 mAh battery. It heats up in just 5 seconds! Each heat cycle runs for 20 seconds, letting you rip a few inhales and gives it time to vaporize all your concentrate. Add a little bit of water to the glass bubbler to make each hit as smooth as possible.

The full e-nail kit includes a titanium coil, ceramic coil, and a quartz coil so you can figure out what your personal preference is. It also comes with the battery, glass bubbler mouthpiece, magnetic carb cap, magnetic ceramic dab tool, a hidden stash jar under the base of the battery, and a retractable micro USB charger.



  • Each Comet is a full kit! It includes 3 coil styles and all the accessories needed to store and handle your dabs with ease.
  • 1,200 mAh Battery
  • Glass Water Bubbler Mouthpiece
  • Titanium Coil
  • Quartz Coil
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Magnetic Carb Cap
  • Ceramic Dab Tool (with Magnet)
  • Hidden Stash Jar on Bottom of Battery
  • Retractable Micro USB Charger

Ooze Comet Portable Enail

$100.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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